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With limitless features, faultless security, and frequent upgrades, Orbit is meant to provide our users with the greatest experience imaginable. You may rest assured that Orbit was designed specifically for you.


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Our active protection system is carefully designed to keep you secure at all times while allowing you to play unhindered.


We integrated LUA with a wide range of functions and a built-in script editor because we designed Orbit to be for everyone.


Using our overseer tool, you can manage and track anyone you save at any time.


Because of our spoofing features, you can rest assured that your information will remain private.


You can join anyone's session without requiring an invite thanks to our joiner feature.


Everything you'd expect in a recovery is included, from unlocks to changing your level.


You can instantly access any feature or function utilizing our Hotkey system without even opening the menu.


You can quickly and easily find any option with our simple and powerful search system.


Our theming capabilities are superior to other menus; how the user interface appears is entirely your choice.


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Base Features

Trolling Options


RID Joiner

Static Headers

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LUA Scripting

IP Spoofing

Chat Spammer

SHV Loading

Animated Headers

Custom Kicks


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This is the best menu i have ever seen, lots of features and amazing devs. They listen to what the community wants and try to help everyone the best they can. Orbit is by far the best mod menu to choose when it comes to having fun with cheating in gta, I primarily use it for trolling with my friends and it’s amazing for that.


Great menu, easy to use, can't wait to see it progress! Also, it's great value for money, I'd 100% recommend it, the vast range of features is very impressive, and I particularly enjoyed the vehicle category. Another great thing about Orbit is how undetected it is, as well as the protections you can enable, which is always nice. Orbit's customer service and community is fantastic.


This menu is probably one of the best performing I've used in a while. While there are a few bugs here and there the developers are always fixing them in the updates and constantly adding more and more. This menu by far is the cleanest and one of the most reliable out there 💯